Mission Control Update

Posted: 02/09/15

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Mission control update !!

Unfortunately most vans are very basic and we needed a van that can meet our aerial operational requirements and surveying demands. Finally we found a van than tick one or two of the requirements.

The requirements;
tow bar
two sliding doors
removable seats
tail gate
low mileage

We had to convert the van, the first job we did was have a shelving frame installed the next job we started is stripping all that panelling, adding sound proofing, isolation and moisture barrier and finally carpeting the panelling which will help in the thermal barrier keeping the van warm for winter while we are out on site. While the Van was fully stripped, the main wiring from the alternator was connected (be it under the seat) and under the floor lining to the charging system.

Slide Show of the whole project style=“width:480px;text-align:right;”>zaid22004's VW Van album on Photobucket

Stage 1 Insulation

Fresh start
Moister Barrier

Stage 2 Battery Box: Well the idea was having a mobile unit, we can easily take out in an event of changing the van or if we need to make space.

Battery Box
Battery Box

Stage 3 Wiring: So now, we are fully mobile, thermally protected, with electric supply of 240v, 24v and 12v and of course a mobile hot water unit for the endless supply of tea and coffee.

Battery Box
Battery Box
Tea and Coffee on demand

A huge thanks to the guys that helped out, Matt Freeman, Dave Halton and Richard Badham at Shaws Servicing Station.