Aerial Mapping and 3D Digital modelling in North Wales

Posted: 12/08/15

Category: On location, 3D Modelling

Location: Anglesey, North Wales

We were commissioned by DTM-Technologies one of the leading aerial mapping/ surveying and 3D modelling companies in the UK to carry out an aerial survey aerial on behalf of the National trust at Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey.
Ground covered : 190 Hectares
Total Flight Distance : 190 Km
Total No of flights : 40 Flights ( 4 days)
60 Kms walked for ground control points : 124 in total
4030 Photos
1/2 billion points
80 million poly faces
Estimated final average resolution output : 1 point every 5 – 8 cms
A great deal of planning and organisation with arranging permissions from Wylfa Security, Horizon and special permission from the CAA for working in a no fly zone,

Many thanks to Bryn, NT Warden and all the farms/farmers involved for allowing us access to the land.
This project will highlight the benefits of using a UAS ( unmanned aerial system) for such a survey along with the accuracies and resolutions obtainable.

DTM-Technologies Also would like to thank Seahawk AP for their professional service, which is second to none