New Mission control

Posted: 02/04/15

Been a busy couple of weeks trying to get on top of all the paperwork and everything else !
But on a positive note we have finally picked up Seahawk AP new mission control! With the Seahawk AP colours. With the ability to carry out aerial filming using a drone from the shelter of a dedicated unit makes a huge difference to the comfort factors of the camera operator, enabling him to paying full attention to aerial filming, especially in cold conditions. Anyone that has operated in North Wales will testify that our winters are cold :-), not forgetting the mobile workshop and hopefully a coffee machine one day !

We have up to 4G wifi access where?? signal available, charging facility for mobile devices. The Van has 5 seats to transport a large team to location if required, 4 wheel drive for those hard to reach places and can get you out of a mess if needs be!

Now we need to get it all rigged out, feel free to make suggestions and recommendations
Our wish list;
1.Kettle for a real cup of tea
2.Everything else to follow!