Exhibit preparations and the main event London BVExpo 2015

Posted: 21/02/15

Location: London

Equipment: UAV, Drone

It’s has been a busy few weeks, at times I was thinking maybe we have no time to do this, however with 72 hrs to go all the pieces came together. We were taking our UAV drone aerial photography and filming company from North Wales to London, but of course North Wales will always be our base and number 1 location to film.

BVExpo2015 LINK

Tim, Paul, Mya and myself were going to be (wo)manning the stand and all looking forward to the experience.

Not without help mind you, we had great help from Simon at View Creative in Rhos and Alex at Vulcan UAV and Mike from Micro Graphics. A huge thank you guys :-)

We started our road trip to the Big Smoke and once we arrived at the venue, the next challenge was to find our loading bay. It took a long time, being sent from A to B and back to A !! We nearly ended up in a beauty show ! Which might have worked out well for some of us :-)

We finished setting up just before closing time of 10pm, got fed and watered for the next day.

Our first show was underway. We had a fantastic first day and on the second day we thankfully had Mya to helps out as it’s normally the busiest day of the show (remembering the 12 Ps……..) (Planning, Preparation, I forgot the other 10 P’s). We never realised how much hard work these shows are.

What made it worthwhile was meeting great people, some of them came to say hello, some of them interested in using our services. We enjoyed meeting all the visitors to B58.

I hope you enjoy the time-lapse of the fabulous three days we had.