Cwyfan Church, Anglesey, North Wales

Posted: 27/11/14

Category: Out and about, On location, Landscape

We had a successful day at Cwyfan Church yesterday with Jody from Jodophotography
First off we had to get the new open comms head set setup so we can test it out in the field. We arrived in plenty of time before the sunset, and of course we couldn’t operate until our agreed time slot with RAF Valley operations as we were operating in their ATC. Thankfully we managed to secure access to the location without having to haul the kit for a couple of miles, Christopher the owners of the houses en route were great, so a huge thank you.

Considering it was a weekday there were a handful of lovely visitors to the church and thankfully they were all keen to see how we operate and they had no objections to being on film, in fact some of them deserve an Oscar ;-)

All in all a successful day, now we have to start doing some editing :-)

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