Cambrian Rally Press Day

Posted: 01/03/14

Category: Out and about, On location, Press, Motorsport, Landscape

Location: Great Orme, North Wales

We had the privilege of being invited to cover the Cambrian Rally Press Day by Simon Cotton.

Testimonial by Simon Cotton (Vice Chairman North Wales Car Club)

“Cambrian Rally Press Day

The Cambrian Rally is one of the oldest and most established rally events in the UK and is part of the British Championships which is also open to international competitors. Every year we hold a Cambrian Press day around the famous Great Orme in Llandudno where we invite VIPs and the Media as a pre-launch for the main event.

One of the challenges for our event is getting good video footage, as the Great Orme is a very difficult place to film, the road is very narrow, with huge drops into the sea and there are very few safe areas to do any filming. To do it effectively you really need a helicopter, but obviously we could not afford to do this.

One of our members came across an organisation called Skyhawk, a company that specialised in aerial photography and video, using Drone UAV machines. We had seen some other footage that they had produced for a sailing event and thought this could possibly work for us.

After a couple of meetings with Zaid he agreed to take on the project and was soon doing a recce of the location and a list of technical challenges, one of which was the weather, the Great Orme is always a windy location and sometimes has its own climate. The other issue was the speed of the rally cars, in some places they reach in excess of 100mph.

The filming was a huge success, despite the really windy conditions on the day, the footage was even better than we had first thought, it gives a completely different aspect of the event, capturing footage that you could only really do in a helicopter but without the huge costs.

The footage has been used for a number of promotional showreels, not only to attract competitors, but also sponsors of the event.

Zaid was a pleasure to work with, his team was so professional, they sorted out all the necessary paperwork, removed all the risk and just got on with the job, to the extent that we didn’t even notice that they were there.”