Aerial filming has a limitless range of uses, and because it requires no scaffolding or rope access work, is safe and extremely cost-effective.

Whether you’re looking for a completely unique way to represent your product or service, need to inspect an inaccessible site, or undertake a land survey on difficult terrain, Seahawk AP has the most advanced drone equipment and expertise to deliver.

Civil engineering

Our bespoke drone platforms can be specifically geared towards delivering aerial photography for the inspection of large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, onshore oil and gas industries, wind farms, quarries, mines and other large civil engineering sites. We record the GPS co-ordinates so that positioning can be replicated at a later date for comparison purposes and specialist film techniques such as time-lapse photography.

Marketing, advertising and creative

Aerial filming and 4k photography really lends itself to use by the creative sector and has so many possible applications. Unique film footage for use in TV, online and social media advertising; tourism and heritage sector promotion, film and TV production, or for a completely different way of marketing your product or organisation. If you work in the creative industries you can be as involved as you like; we are happy to support you through the process while you direct and edit the drone footage yourself.

Archaeological field survey

By delivering visual data which is not attainable at ground level, aerial filming and photography can help archaeologists to identify significant sites, or collect information from a wide area. Drone footage can be used to decide whether to undertake an excavation, but can often be an important archaeological record in its own right.

Offshore Installation / Inshore inspections

With many years’ experience in offshore work we have the knowledge and understanding required to deliver a cost-effective solution to your monitoring, evidence-gathering and safety inspection requirements. Our UAVs are able
to overcome obstacles which can often hamper the progress of inspections and surveys. The live feed can be viewed in real-time, enabling clients to make informed decisions immediately, preventing unnecessary work being carried out; and saving your organisation many costly, often hazardous man hours.

Mapping and land survey

We offer cost effective and accurate high definition, low-altitude land mapping and land survey, delivering the topographic and visual evidence you require, efficiently and safely.

Search and rescue

The ability of an UAV to pass over difficult terrain and gain visual access to otherwise unseen places offers a huge advantage to rescue operations. We can assist emergency services with operations in rural and mountainous areas or over water, working safely and quickly.

Nature and agriculture

Gaining access to areas of land which are inaccessible by vehicle or on foot makes our aerial drone photography services a cost-effective solution for the agriculture sector; with applications ranging from crop management to livestock monitoring. Aerial photography is also ideal for monitoring wildlife without disturbing fragile habitats, and for marine activities, such as whale-watching, where the ability to keep a distance is key.


The ability of our UAVs to cover so many angles and perspectives makes them a really valuable tool for use in sporting events and competitions; for monitoring progress and performance, promotional work, or to simply cover an event. Perfect for field sports, race tracks, climbing and abseiling, watersports – and many more.