Aerial Filming and Photography

We specialise in professional 4k aerial filming and photography using advanced drones.

A bird’s-eye view from remotely operated UAVs Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) enables shots that were previously only achievable using full-sized aircraft or helicopters. Unlike their larger manned counterparts, drones are designed to access the inaccessible, offering limitless options for shot positioning and perspective, transmitting a live feed to a ground station monitor so you can see what’s being framed and captured in real time.

Our stunning 4K or high definition video footage, and still photos, are available as raw footage for your editor, but we can also handle all the post-production elements to produce your project as a finished edited piece – the choice is yours.

How it works

The UAV drones transmits a live feed to the ground station, enabling us to capture exactly the right images for your project. Our stunning 4k high-definition still or moving images are available as raw footage or edited film; the choice is yours.

The process & the End result

Leading up to the day of a shoot, we carry out a thorough risk assessment and a site survey, and ensure that people living and working in the vicinity will be inconvenienced as little as possible; we often film at weekends when businesses and schools are closed. Flying is weather dependent so we thoroughly monitor forecasts in the run up to a shoot day. We seek access permission where appropriate and ensure we have a traffic control plan in place. We arrange appropriate permissions from CAA, air traffic control and highways agency where necessary. We carry out all the ground work beforehand so that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day itself; our expert team of on-site camera operators and spotters arrive and set up in plenty of time to ensure maximum flying time to meet your project brief.

Whatever the nature of your aerial photography project, Seahawk AP will deliver live feed, a stunning set of stills or a sequence of broadcast quality footage finished to suit you; whether your brief demands a completely raw image or a fully edited film with graphics.

Our Drone equipment

We have CAA permission to fly one sub 7 kilo and two sub 20 kilo UAVs; all three are assembled in-house and maintained to the highest standards by our expert team. Our equipment is totally bespoke and can be modified to create innovative solutions to meet the demands of a broad range of projects; from lightweight indoor filming, to heavy-lift unmanned aircraft systems. The UAV’s can be easily modified to carry an array of sensors to suit the client needs.
Depending on weight and weather conditions, the typical flight time of an UAV ranges from around 9 to 15 minutes at any one time, typically completing 12-14 good flights over one day. If more flights are required we can charge batteries on site, so that we can fly and film throughout the day if necessary.

  • Vulcan Mantis Octo X8 Drone

    Payload: Brushless Gimbal Z15 or Freefly Movi 5 + Camera, Sony Nex 7 or Panasonic GH4 or client’s own camera, as our Movi 5 Gimbal is suitable for a wide range of cameras, please follow the link or any sensors or sensing equipment provided by the client.
    Overall Diameter (multi-rotors only) (m): 0.8Payload: Gimbal Z15 or Similar + Camera OR Any gimbal that is required for a particular camera Overall Diameter (multi-rotors only) (m): 1.08m
    The Vulcan is capable of carrying a RED but a gimbal is required. Please click on the link below to show camera / gimbal compatibility.
    CLICK for Freefly Movi 5 compatibility chart

  • S800 Evo Drone

    Payload: Brushless Gimbal Z15 or Similar + Camera, Sony Nex 7 or Panasonic GH4 or any sensors or sensing equipment provided by the client.
    Overall Diameter (multi-rotors only) (m): 0.8

  • F550 Hexa Drone

    Payload: Brushless Gimbal + Go Pro3 Black Edition or similar, 2 or 3 axis
    Overall Diameter (multi-rotors only) (m): 0.55
    Command and Control Frequency: 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum

  • Ground Station

    Bespoke ground station designed and built in house, with dual receivers, dual batteries, HP Spectre XT laptop and an iPad air. The Laptop and the iPad are used for data logging and autonomous flight programming.

  • The Drone Kit

    Currently we have 3 UAV licensed drones to operate commercially each with a unique G-UAV number, two are equipped with a Z15 3 Axis brushless gimbal that is fully balanced to carrying a Sony Nex7 which shoots 1080p HD, AVCHD format at 50fps, Panasonic GH4 which shoots at 4K 50fps-96fps for slow motion and the third is equipped with a 3 axis brushless gimbal to carrying a GoPro 3 Black Edition and the GoPro 4 (on a waiting list).
    We work on full redundancy as we know that you cannot afford to have down time, so we have taken every reasonable precaution by doubling up our equipment!
    Our latest arrival is a Movi 5 brushless gimbal made by Freefly and a Panasonic LUMIX GH4, this Movi 5 gives the client options on what camera & lens combination to mount. The Movi 5 will be mounted on our heavy lift Octo Vulcan Mantis.
    Please check the list of compatibility

Drone Safety

At Seahawk AP we take safety extremely seriously. All staff are fully trained and certified, we are fully insured and have CAA permission to fly commercially with air traffic control permission arranged for each shoot. We undertake full risk assessments and site surveys before a shoot and our drones have built-in emergency safety features.

The people behind the camera

Seahawk Aerial Photography was established by Zaid Al-Obaidi, a trained Civil Engineer and Saturation Diver who, after many years working in the offshore industry, decided to bring together his professional experience with his long-standing interest in both aviation and photography. Zaid trained with EuroUSC, Europe’s leading independent accreditation specialist for unmanned aircraft systems and gained CAA permission to operate commercially. Seahawk AP is completed by highly trained personnel with forty years and thousands of hours combined experience of building, maintaining and safely flying unmanned aerial vehicles.